Studio Opportunities

If classes aren’t your thing because you already know what you’re doing, we have three different options to offer you based on your availability and budget.

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Open Studio

For people who know what they’re doing but do not wish to make a monthly commitment, Open Studio is available after taking 2 classes and once proficiency is displayed. This is available during business hours.

Cost $20/hour plus firing fees

For more information, email Amy at

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Monthly membership is available for the seasoned potter who would like to benefit from the perks of being a member. Use of our electric kiln, glazes, spray booth, and other equipment as well as the ability to sell in our gallery and attend our monthly demos is part of the membership at Nutmeg Potters.

If interested, click on the button below to learn more about membership benefits and to fill out the membership application.

Cost $110/month plus firing fees


Use our Kiln

For people who like to create at home but do not have access to a kiln, as long as proof can be provided that the clay body and glazes are Cone 6, an individual is welcome to have pieces fired in our electric kiln.

Cost is based on firing fees

For more information, email Amy at