Nutmeg Potters, LLC


Pottery Studio


Nutmeg Potters, LLC, is a collective of potters who have come together to create, learn, and share knowledge about our common love for pottery. The work displayed in our well-lit gallery shows the various techniques and unique styles of our potters. From functional wares such as mugs, bowls, and goblets to decorative wares such as leaves and garden “stones,” you are sure to find the perfect gift or item to make your home feel a little more cozy.

Aside from the hand-made pottery that we create, we also offer classes to those new and experienced. For people who were potters in a past life or still currently play with clay, we offer membership and studio hours as well as the use of our kiln.


Coming Soon!

Holiday Craft Fair at Northwestern Regional High School in Winsted, Ct.

Saturday, November 23rd from 9am-3pm


Gallery Hours

Thursday 1:30pm-5pm

Friday 1:30pm-5pm

Saturday 10am-5pm


Our Story


It all started when…

We walked into the clay studio at Northwestern Connecticut Community College for our pottery class held through the adult continuing education program. Our pottery instructor, Deb McNulty, welcomed us all with her warm energy and positive spirit and took us on an unforgettable pottery experience. Aside from our mutual love for clay, it was the connections we each made with the people in the classroom that encouraged us to come back time and time again.

Years later, NCCC canceled the adult continuing education program and a determined Deb McNulty set upon the dream of creating a community studio where she would welcome her former students. With the help of some of her students, she searched high and low and when a former business on Main Street shut down Deb, saw an opportunity. On a warm day in May of 2014, Nutmeg Potters opened it doors.

The studio has seen many changes over the years but has remained a home to several of the original students whom we now call members.  Along the way, new members have joined us, bringing with them their knowledge and friendship.

We have had the pleasure in meeting many people over the years be it customers, members, students, and people of our community.  It is our hope that the connections we have made will encourage them to come back time and time again, just as we did back in the pottery studio at the community college.