Pam Polderman of Nutmeg Potters

aka"The Mug Lady"!

Pam's mugs are selling before she even gets them priced and sometimes fired!!! ; )
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Pam is a self admitted "Pottery Addict".  And as you can see...some things really are better when done in excess!!!  

Pam centering the cup for trimming
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Adding the perfect handle
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DONE Sending...

Mari Louise | Reply 03.01.2014 09.04

Wow Pam!! Congratulations! This looks fantastical! I'm so happy that you've realized your dream of having a place with friends to share your talents. xo

Don Torrant | Reply 03.01.2014 08.55

Hey Pam: Very proud that you have taken this step. Mari Louise and I look forward to visiting your shop.

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05.02 | 21:31

I bought some classes for my grandson and he has enjoyed them immensely. Debbie is a fun and patient teacher and he always asks when we're coming back!

09.11 | 10:16

So happy to have been the receiver of your first gift certificate.
Not only did I make something fun and wonderful, but I made a friend too!

06.11 | 18:55

Thanks for posting the pic of Philip and for all the lessons!

04.11 | 13:47

Hi Marlen,
Thanks for your interest! I have several hand building projects to choose from that can be completed in an hour. It's a good place to start. ; )

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