Deb McNulty of Nutmeg Potters

Shrimp Cocktail Chalices ~ unfired

I LOVE to make stacks of Plates...  And mugs, and bowls, and well...I guess just about everything!  I took a Pottery course for Stress relief about 15yrs ago while I was working at a large Corporation...two years later I left to become a full time Functional Potter.  I love to spray multiple glazes to acheive an atmospheric effect that resembles reduction fired work (gas or wood fired) while actually firing to cone 6 in oxidation (electric fired).

Fire and Water ~ Custom Set for my good friends Lisa & Bob
I could make these lil' pumpkins all day!!!

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DONE Sending...

Thank you Lynn Olson | Reply 02.10.2014 22.00

Hi Deb,
Could you bring me two of your pumpkin plates when you come out to CA the end of the month? My daughter Chris lives at George and Mary's house.

Deb 03.10.2014 04.53

Hi Lynn,
Thanks for your order! I am sold out of the pumpkin plates right now. I will be making more Mon/Tues of next week.

alex | Reply 23.04.2014 17.48


Deb 24.04.2014 12.33

Hahha!!! Hi Alex! Yes, we will do a Glaze Calculation Class JUST FOR YOU!!! Just give me at least a month to get my ducks in a's good to want things

GinnyLVKKM | Reply 31.12.2013 01.34

Such rich colors really draw me in. I can not wait to visit. Great job, by the way!

Jeannie Pizzoferrato | Reply 16.12.2013 20.55

Best of luck with your new space! I have to visit soon!

MaryKbell | Reply 09.12.2013 12.23

Love this new site of my daughters and all the potters she works with. Please visit the site, the blog and watch the hiliarious viedo's of "Ghosting" in clay.

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11.03 | 07:23

Doug, thank you for letting me know the mug arrived. I chose the Taube Museum because it looks like a place I would like to visit! Thanks!

10.03 | 15:49

Pam, Thanks for sending us one of your mugs our logo on it. Your desire to have one of your mugs in every state in admirable. Thanks for choosing the Taube.

09.11 | 10:16

So happy to have been the receiver of your first gift certificate.
Not only did I make something fun and wonderful, but I made a friend too!

06.11 | 18:55

Thanks for posting the pic of Philip and for all the lessons!

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