Jack Donohue of Nutmeg Potters

Jack was a gardener long before he was a potter. This is reflected in his making many varied flower pots from long toms to planters. He also has an appreciation for Art Deco pottery and this can be seen in the multiple vases he makes. He throws with an iron rich clay that glaze fires to a rich, dark brown bordering on black. The interior is glazed and the exterior is not glazed  

Kathy and Jack take hand building classes at IS 183 in Stockbridge MA with Paula Shalan. Jack’s focus there is on handbuilding teapots. 

Cups and plates glazed with robin’s egg blue.
Coiled vase. Closed, paddled, textured and torn. Rubbed with chrome oxide and fired in a salt kiln at IS 183 in Stockbridge MA.
Porcelain pinched form, textured and rubbed with cobalt oxide.
a large flower pot using a black iron rich clay.
A large salad bowl.
Interior of a newly thrown salad bowl.
A salad bowl.
Happiness is….