Nutmeg Potters ~ 386 Main Street, Winsted CT

Call 860-309-9481 to book classes

Home of "Pottery by the Hour"!  Gift Certificates and Classes available at this low rate!  Includes Clay*, Instruction, Firings and return Session to Glaze! 


Sun 12/21   12:30-4:30pm

Mon 12/22   2-6pm

Tues 12/23   2-6pm

Wed 12/24   1-4pm

Thurs 12/25 Closed Christmas

Fri  1-9pm

Sat  10:30am-9:30pm

*Up to 3lbs of clay included per hour  


 Enjoy the Holidays in style with Handmade Mugs, Serving Bowls & Platters!

Artist Memberships!!!

Memberships come in various packages ~ Call Deb to discuss what level you're interested in joining.

Packages range from month to month for non dedicated space to Annual Contracts paid in monthly increments for dedicated space.

There are common areas for Hand-building as well and a Slab Roller for everyones use.

Firing Fees are not included in the membership price and are charged by a simple pre-paid ticket system so there's never a billing error and YOU get to control your costs!


Looking for something new and exciting to do on your Date Night?

YOU have the opportunity to recreate that famous pottery scene from the movie "Ghost" FOR FREE!

Give us a call to setup in advance for you, or stop by and ask if Debs availalbe to set it up for you. If you're not sure what this is all about, Click on Pottery Humor for a fun clip that inspired us to do this. Then go to youtube and look up the original clip from the movie.

Just remember this is a Family Friendly Studio so you have to PROMISE to....

"Keep it Clean while you're Getting Dirty!"

"Boutique Style" Classes
where you can complete a project in one session.

In this busy World, many of us don't have the time or resources to take a two month Pottery Class. We offer an assortment of simple yet sophisticated projects using soft slabs, coils, pinching techniques & underglazes. If you prefer to glaze your piece rather than use underglazes, then a return in 1-2 weeks will be necessary.

Advance Reservations are recommended but walk ins may be accomodated if Debs free and the space is available.

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Thanks for stopping by!
Deb McNulty

Latest news

More fun to be had!
Be sure to click the links for our other pages in the upper left corner.
You can view some "Pottery Humor" and see where I got the inspiration to offer "Ghosting"! You can also meet the Member Potters & see our promotional video I put together in iMovie!

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DONE Sending...

Joyce Woodward | Reply 09.11.2014 10.16

So happy to have been the receiver of your first gift certificate.
Not only did I make something fun and wonderful, but I made a friend too!

Steve | Reply 06.11.2014 18.55

Thanks for posting the pic of Philip and for all the lessons!

Mary Bell | Reply 02.10.2014 12.16

love your new Halloween Decor, you are so talented!

alex | Reply 23.04.2014 17.43

glaze glaze glaze! I want glaze please

Deb 24.04.2014 12.35

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!! I'm sending you a special "Shout Out" on our Site Home Page and YES, hang in for about a month and we'll do glaze calc class just for U

alex larson | Reply 23.04.2014 17.39

Please can we do glaze chemistry really soon?

karen | Reply 05.04.2014 15.51

Beautifully made unique products. By awesome artists.
Good Luck !!!

Pam | Reply 03.04.2014 21.59

Whoo hoo! We made our goal on kickstarter!

Deb A | Reply 31.12.2013 12.22

I can hardly wait to open my Christmas present!

Chiho & Nuno from Lisbon | Reply 24.12.2013 08.44

Great site! We wish you all the best for the new phase of your life!

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Latest comments

09.11 | 10:16

So happy to have been the receiver of your first gift certificate.
Not only did I make something fun and wonderful, but I made a friend too!

06.11 | 18:55

Thanks for posting the pic of Philip and for all the lessons!

04.11 | 13:47

Hi Marlen,
Thanks for your interest! I have several hand building projects to choose from that can be completed in an hour. It's a good place to start. ; )

04.11 | 11:16

Hi Deb. I'm thinking about a gift card for your Wet Clay Classes. Can I do this? If so, how much time should I purchase. Thank you

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